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Spirits Wine Gin

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We offer a wide selection of Gins, Mixers & Garnishes to suit all pallets

Gin List

No Ten (47.3%)€-
Plymouth Gin (47%)€-
The London No1 (47%)€-
Christies London Gin (37.5%)€-
Beefeater London Dry (40%)€-
Hayman’s (40%)€-
Dingle Gin Pot Still (42.5%)€-
Hendricks (41.4%)€-
Bombay Sapphire (40%)€-
Daffy’s (43.4%)€-
Botanic (40%)€-
Gordon’s Gin (37%)€-
Gordon’s Orange Flavoured Gin (37.5%)€-
Cork Gin (37.5%)€-
Bulldog (40%)€-
Botanically Pavilion Infused Gin (40%)€-

Mixers & Garnishes

Our extensive Gin selection is complimented by our range of mixers which includes Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, Ginger Ale & Cherry Blossom Tonic… …Garnish to your taste with either Orange, Mint, Cucumber, Black Pepper, Fresh Rosemary, Fresh Thyme, Lemon or Lime.

Have it your way!